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Through the Grapevine… Guide to Alternative Music

As an avid music lover, I go to a lot of concerts. My boyfriend and I are actually going to see our favorite band, Lucero, in Tallahassee next weekend. Often times, because the kind of music we like is still kind of “underground,” the shows are not promoted like a Katy Perry or Madonna concert would be. Which, to me, is a good thing. I like going to see musicians in bars or a small venue. The show is much more intimate in those types of settings.

Ben Nichols Show

My boyfriend and I with Ben Nichols of Lucero

However, because we do not receive the same sort of press that fans of mainstream music do, it makes it much harder to keep up with tour dates and especially spontaneous shows. So, we do miss a lot of shows that we would like to see just because of the lack of information on them.

To make sure we do not miss Lucero coming to town, I check the band’s Facebook page for tour information. I check their “events” created as well. Facebook profiles for bands have become very helpful in regards to finding out specific information about shows.

Back in our hometown, we find out about a lot of local shows through flyers on doors of businesses, which are usually tattoos shops. Local shows’ primary advertisement are through word of mouth, flyers, and personal Facebooks.

For “bigger” bands I listen to, I receive the Ticketmaster newsletter. Through this newsletter, I found out that Steve Earle was playing Atlanta back in July, so my boyfriend and I went for my birthday. This show was promoted much more than the Lucero show we are going to is.

These two methods pretty much cover how I keep up with the concerts I see. Sometimes an “alternative” paper in Valdosta, which is where Cody lives, will promote shows in Tallahassee that we would like to see, but even it leaves a lot out.






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  1. Although i haven’t heard of the band Lucero, I enjoy going to see underground artist perform. The shows don’t have the theatrics like mainstream artist but you get the opportunity to just simply enjoy the music the artist creates. I also like that you can usually talk to the artist after they perform when you go to the shows which is something you cant do with the mainstream artist. I’m not of Facebook anymore so i can only find out when a band is playing when they are in my hometown or near by in Jacksonville I’m also able to find out about performances through the artist Twitter accounts. Twitter is also a way you can reach out to the artist to see if they will be willing to perform at place closer to your hometown.


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