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It’s Been a Great Start

I have enjoyed blogging this semester because it is a way to offer my own opinion on matters touched on in class. It offers a much more personal “voice” than my own voice in a class of 60.

I liked blogging on some of the topics that we could choose, and there were some topics I was not incredibly fond of just because I could not directly relate to it. I feel like the blogs on topics I did not enjoy offered vague responses, and I could have done a much better job if my heart, and interests, were in the post.

I do plan on updating my blog after the semester is over. I already have a Tumblr with quite a few “followers” that I update daily. Although Tumblr is more of a multimedia-oriented type of social media site, I do occasionally post text blogs that are personal.

Because most of my friends do not have a regularly active WordPress blog, it will take a while to get a “following” of people. But, I will definitely change the purpose of the blog from Intro to PR to my interests like concerts, vintage clothes, amateur photography, etc. I will probably even post links to this blog on Tumblr to get a cross-following.

But, before I do any of that, this blog definitely needs a makeover. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as I want it to be. I will consort blog guides like Secrets to a Successful Blog: Aesthetics and cool Widgets.






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