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Non-PR Majors

As a non-public relations major myself, I can offer a little insight on why it is important for our “collective group” to take Introduction to Public Relations. I am a communication studies major, so I am still within the communication arts department, who wants to work in something media-related. So, I believe the basic concepts of public relations would be very helpful to a potential career for me.

Public relations can offer crisis management advice that can be applicable in any work setting. Intro to Public Relations also explains the importance of maintaining a company’s (or even your personal, depending upon who you are) image. A business’s reputation definitely affects how successful they are, and knowing some general public relations concepts regarding reputation management could be essential in a potential career.

Intro to Public Relations also offers basic business skills that can be applied in various different fields. Writing skills, like the guidelines to writing news releases, could be very important to a job in the media. But to apply skills learned in Introduction to Public Relations to a broader scale, you learn the basic concept of concise and relevant writing.

Ultimately, even though I am not a PR major, I feel like Intro to Public Relations will be a very helpful course to me.